Incamminati, Barnstone Studios, as well as working one-on-one with renowned artists such as Tom Lynch, Len Garron, and Michael Cacy, there are few artistic principles or techniques that he is not familiar with.
George started his career path in Art College where he was one of the least talented,  [The picture making process] yet most determined, students in his college class. Through observation he realized that although talent made it easier, skill was the bottom-line factor in becoming a competent artist and he realized that skill can be learned. George’s hard work paid off. He graduated second in his class while receiving honors in all of his subjects. He was also one of the first graduates to obtain a job as Art Director in an art studio/agency where he worked for 15 years
Throughout his time as a professional he noticed that so many people, both children and adults, were being discouraged in their pursuit of art. Told by well-meaning people that they weren’t talented or that they were no good at doing a particular artistic task, the reality was that they just needed to learn the skills that no one was teaching them!
George vowed to remedy this situation. Referring to his extensive notes as an art student and professional, he devised a curriculum that taught the most powerful and fundamental skills in a way that could be easily assimilated and applied. Combined with subjects that are level- appropriate, George created an experience for budding artists that is challenging, effective and rewarding.
Many people would say that George Kaizar has accomplished much as an artist, but he will say his most rewarding accomplishment has been helping others to share his artistic joy.

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Have you or your child ever wanted to pursue your artistic dreams, but found constant challenges with scheduling, finances, or the availability of a good program?

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Kaizar School of Art caters to children, teens and adults from beginner to advanced levels, offering a flexible schedule, reasonable prices and a highly effective program that combines skill building, creativity and enjoyment.

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George Kaizar, founder of the Kaizar School of Art, has over 30 years of professional experience working in illustration, graphic design, fine art, product design, package design, computer graphics, advertising, and most other sectors of the art field. Educated in schools such as Hussian School of Art, Studio​