Saturday, May 5, 2018


We are excited to have you experience our new web site. There are a lot of new and exciting activities being planned for our summer program which will start in July.

Please return to this blog to get more details about our summer program, to learn about our future activities and to read about our upcoming projects and events.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Its another beautiful fall day at Kaizar school of art, We love seeing similar faces come into class every week. We would love to see new ones too! Tell your friends about KSA and all the exciting things taking place at our school!

For example, in just 7 days we will be hosting our annual Haunted Trail! We couldn't be more thrilled, we have a good feeling about this years haunted trail and we hope you do too. Make sure to tell your friends about the event. The Haunted Trail is open to the public we love seeing the community getting involved with us and being

a part of the community as well! make sure you head over to to purchase your ticket!

You can find the link on our website under events and on our Facebook page! We can't wait to see you AND yourfriends there!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Hey everyone, Many successes this past month for KSA to be proud of! We had our movie bonfire night in the beginning of October and it was a great time with our students seeing them bond over a bonfire, s'mores and a movie! We hosted our annual haunted trail event and this years event was a hug success with new additions we made to it to make it more fun and exciting then previous years before! it was a huge hit and everyone who joined us for a fun spooky night seemed to have a great time. We cherish and love playing a roll in peoples lives as an art school. Seeing friendships and relationships being built between students, between student and teacher and parents. Whether its in class or at one of our monthly events we enjoy and love being a part of it! Thank you to everyone who came out to our October events! We will be sending weekly emails and posts to keep you all updated as to when we are hosting events so you can stay in the loop! thank you all for your constant support to KSA we appreciate every single one of you.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Halloween is just around the corner and we have some spooktactular things in store for our students and the community here at KSA! Keep in mind that in just 13 days we will be starting our annual haunted trail week!

This years haunted trail is going to be bigger and better than previous years! We will be selling tickets on eventbrite. You can find the link to buy tickets on our page, under Upcoming events! We are thrilled and honored to be hosting this event and we hope to have an amazing turn out!

Just a couple weeks ago, we hosted a Movie Bonfire Night here at our school. We had a great time! We loved seeing all of our students come together and enjoy each others company, snacks and a movie. Its moments like these that the staff at KSA genuinely cherish, not only that we have the opportunity to teach our students valuable art lessons and techniques, but also that we hold a part in the community and are visually witnessing life long friendships being built during every class and event hosted here at Kaizar school of art! Which is why we will be soon hosting an art school reunion, for all our alumni students who their separate ways. This event will be an art show as well. we hope that old students will be able to reconnect with their formal class mates, and share where they have gone in life and how far they have gone with there artistic abilities.

Stay up to date with our school events on our Facebook page by tapping "events"! Feel free to stay connected with our social medias so you won't miss the newest and most exciting news here at KSA! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Hey every one Season's greetings to you and yours!
 We hope you're all enjoying the beautiful snow we received today. The students are enjoying cookie week and are having a great time together. We appreciate all the support we receive from parents and friends and hope you're all having a wonderful and warm winter season. Don't forget next week is Ugly Sweater Week at KSA! We are excited to see our students participate in this special and fun week! We love celebrating this joyful season with our students. Stay warm and thank you for being a part of KSA. 

School Blog

Thursday, October 11, 2018

We are so excited about all the positive feedback we've been receiving on all of our social media platforms.

We really appreciate all of the support from our friends, student, parents, and all of our loyal followers. 

The staff here at KSA would like to dedicate this blog post as a thank you, to all those in the community who attend, share, support, or have supported our school in some form. Our appreciation goes beyond words. We hope to continue seeing your love and support towards Kaizar School of Art. We really cherish our roll in the Washington Township community. We are passionate teaching our students valuable art lessons and techniques that hopefully they will carry with them through out there whole lives. When we see the positive impact we have on our students, wither it be in our students artistic progress, or the communities kind words, it deeply warms our hearts.

Thank you so much for your loyal support to Kaizar School of Art.