Class Schedule

If you're interested in signing up for art lessons, getting started is easy!

Ages 12 – Up (Upstairs Class)

Our class schedule is the same for each program throughout the year

(only changing slightly during the summer).

Our summer program is a great treat for students who just want to relax and draw with other artists while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors this summer! Running from July through August, students must enroll by June at the latest in order to reserve a spot! This program caters to students between the ages of 6 and UP, providing them with 8 acres of landscaped property to draw inspiration from!


Ages 6 – 11 (Downstairs Class)

Our yearly program is great for students between of all ages (starting as young as 6). It teaches students the basics and some advanced techniques in art. This program runs from September through June, however students are welcome to enroll whenever it is convenient for them.

View a list of our programs bellow:

Our adult program is perfect for the experienced and inexperienced artist to develop their talent at their leisure while socializing with fellow artists in their community. This program runs throughout the year and students can enroll whenever it is convenient for them.

Adult Students

Our portfolio program is ideal for students who are preparing for art college. It runs throughout the year and students can enroll whenever it is convenient for them, though we suggest they start as soon as possible (as early as sophomore year). This will provide them with enough time in our program to build their college portfolio before starting college.